our vision

We paddle with purpose; an expedition not only for ourselves, but designed to tangibly empower and inspire girls, helping them see that women are truly capable of anything. 

In June of 2017 Lindsay Wiebold, Meredith Freshley, Maddie Stoehr, Marissa Sieck, Sammi Armacost and Emily Spangler will embark on a canoe expedition to the Arctic Ocean, pushing our limits as we travel more than a thousand kilometers across land, water, and history, together. 


Our Mission

Our expedition's mission is twofold. First, we aim to be the first to paddle a previously unconnected canoe route 1,200 kilometers from the Mackenzie Mountains in Canada's Northwest Territories to Nunavut's Coronation Gulf via the Keele River, Great Bear Lake and Coppermine River. 

Second, we aspire to leverage this unique experience as an example of self-determined female leadership in order to show girls that women, too, can explore the outdoors, get dirty, and tackle daunting physical challenges just as well as boys. We hope to offer our own small part in reframing popular images and media messages that often define femininity in the world today. 


Fundraising Campaign

Paired with the explorative mission of the physical canoe trip, we will also raise money and support for the leadership program at the girls canoeing camp, Ogichi Daa Kwe, a wilderness-tripping and community-based nonprofit in Minnesota that has been formative to our individual developments as strong confident female leaders.

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