Growing up in the mountains, Emily has been blessed by the outdoors her entire life. Through numerous hiking, camping, skiing, and fishing trips throughout her youth, Emily has developed a strong respect for the outdoors and continually seeks to spend time connecting with nature. She is extremely grateful to have grown up in Colorado and Wyoming and is equally grateful that her family instilled in her a passion for the outdoors from a young age. 

Throughout life, Emily has been entrenched in the mountains; camping, climbing, fishing. Her first experience canoeing in the North Woods was when she was 16 where she thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the outdoors in a different way, and seeing a new form of beauty in the calm surface of the lake, disturbed only by the stroke of a paddle. Many years later, Emily was privileged to meet and become close friends with Lindsay Wiebold who eventually brought her to Ogichi. 

Emily was on staff with Ogichi for three years, leading various trips throughout Ontario. These experiences have shaped her significantly as a person and as a leader. Ogichi’s special brand of life and love is intoxicating and has changed her life in so many positive ways. Emily has developed her canoeing skills throughout her years at Ogichi and is excited to further her skills and knowledge on this Arctic trip. The specific tripping style of Ogichi and the incredible people she has shared her trips with have given Emily even more confidence in an outdoor context and have honed her outdoor leadership skills. The gruelling aspects of a trip can be difficult at the time, but can have rewards long into the future. During her internship building bridges in Panama, Emily distinctly remembers carrying a heavy sack of cement down a muddy jungle path, thinking “If I can carry a canoe, I can carry this too.” The difficult days on trip are really those that we remember and that fortify us for experiences later in life. Together with the days of perfect peace on the lake, these experiences through Ogichi have deepened Emily’s love and respect for the wilderness and she is excited to take the next step, pushing for a 60 day trip to the Arctic.

In addition to her wilderness experiences, Emily has a passion for travel and experiencing the diversity of the world. As mentioned previously she completed a three month internship in Panama with a non-profit called Bridges to Prosperity. This experience pushed and challenged her in new ways; living in the jungle for long stretches of time, doing construction on her projects day in and day out, staying with a host family and being immersed in their culture. These experiences further strengthened Emily’s independence and confidence.

Emily is now living in London, working for an engineering firm named Arup. This has allowed her to further experience diverse people and cultures. Though her day to day life is in a busy city, she has continued to seek the refuge of the wilderness, taking hiking and climbing trips throughout the UK.

Emily is incredibly honored to be a part of the 6 North of 60 trip in 2017. The chance to be outdoors for 60 days, paddling with your close friends, experiencing the difficult yet satisfying lifestyle of a long trip is unbeatable. She is obviously thrilled to have the privilege of attending this trip for the personal benefits, but is even more excited about the impacts this trip can have on others. Knowing from personal experience how the outdoors can change your life when you are a teenager, Emily is committed to helping young girls feel comfortable and confident in the outdoors. Hopefully this Arctic trip will not only raise significant funds for the LDAC program at Ogichi, but will also show women of all ages that they are capable of epic achievements, and they too can experience the transformative power of the wilderness on a grand scale.


  • Wilderness First Responder certified: 6/15 – Expires: 6/17
  • Wilderness Advanced First Aid, CPR certified – 2009, 20010, 2013, 2014
  • Lifeguard Certified: 5/15 – Expires: 5/17
  • White-water training – 2013, 2014, 2015


  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • B.S. Environmental Engineering - May 2013
  • M.S. Civil Engineering - May 2015

As part of her university program, she completed a three month internship in Panama with a non-profit called Bridges to Prosperity. She spent three months building pedestrian footbridges in difficult to reach regions of Panama. After university, Emily moved to London where she is currently working as an environmental services engineer for a consulting firm called Arup.


  • Study abroad 2012 - Lancaster University, England
  • Panama 2014 - 3 month internship with Bridges to Prosperity, building foot bridges to allow improved travel and quality of life for rural Panamanian populations
  • Various domestic and international service trips to Mississippi, Louisiana, Mexico, Jamaica, Zambia, Panama
  • International mountaineering / climbing trips in Scotland, England, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, Wales


  • 80+ days paddling (canoeing, rafting, SUP, sea kayaking)
  • 100+ days in the mountains (backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing)