Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Maddie has been part of the Ogichi community since it’s roots. She began by spending eleven straight summers in International Falls, MN at Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe, five summers as a camper and six as staff. She was a participant on the three-week Churchill canoe trip, and from there continued to progress her trips as a staff member. As a trip head, she has lead extensive white water trips, including the English River, Kopka River, Bloodvein river, and the Turtle river (more than she can count). In addition to all of the years of white water canoeing, she has accompanied her trips with five years of white water training from Randy Carlson, out of Duluth, Minnesota. Along with those trips, Maddie was instrumental in her time there as a leader and co program director of the LDAC program. For two summers, she planned both the in camp program, and white-water training for the LDACs. In the fall of 2013, Maddie helped coordinate and run, the Urban Wilderness Program in Cincinnati. Finally, since moving to Colorado in the fall of 2014, she has taken several personal trips. She has planned and guided backpacking trips for her friends in the Teton Mountain Range, along with multiple backpacking trips throughout Colorado. 
 Maddie has also acquired additional relevant, experience, outside of the camping environment., In the spring of 2012, Mad set sail on a 134 foot tall ship, spending seven weeks at sea. She spent her time as both a student and a crew member during her time. She learned the importance of rotating watch shifts, and how to manage them (which is a possibility of what we will need to do once we get to the Arctic territories. While living aboard, her and shipmates did not see land for up to two weeks at a time, and only set foot off the ship twice. She was able to quickly adapt to the changing situations and new challenges that she had not previously experienced similar to canoe trips. 
 Maddie has spent 200+ camping in the woods, a vast majority is directly from Ogichi Daa Kwe, and the other experiences are her constantly seeking new personal adventures. Maddie currently is living in Denver, Colorado and is working full time at Ibotta, and can’t wait for the opportunity to be part of the breakthrough in Ogichi’s wilderness tripping program. The passion that she has for this organization, particularly for the LDAC program is what makes her most excited to pursue this journey. Maddie understands the impact that this trip can have for the future of Ogichi. She knows that this endeavor is so much bigger than the personal interests of these six young women, and that it will open many doors for other female adventure enthusiasts down the road. 


  • Wilderness First Aid certification held since 2009 and WRF since 2011
  • CPR and BLS for Healthcare Providers- Certified: 10/2015 Expires: 10/17
  • Lifeguard- Certified: 06/2010 Expires: 05/2017
  • Whitewater Canoe trainings from Univ. of Minnesota Duluth approximately 7 times- 06/2009-07/2014
  • Leave No Trace training- 06/2010
  • Love and Logic Positive Teaching and Non-violent Communication training- 2013 and 2016
  • Plans to take Swift Water Rescue and ACA L4 Whitewater Canoe Certification courses in May 2017 before the start of the expedition.


  • Miami University of Ohio
  • B.A. Strategic Communications


  • SEA: Sea Education Semester: Spring 2012


  • 160+ days paddling (river and sea kayak, canoe, SUP) both professionally and personally
  • 50+ days in the mountains (backpacking, mountaineering, backcountry ski touring, rock climbing)